2nd Entry Check List

This checklist will help you get ready for your first practicum placement(s) by providing you with information on IMPORTANT NEXT STEPS. Detailed instructions, links and forms can be accessed at the NPCO website http://nurs.info.yorku.ca/nursing-practicum-coordinator-office/.

Step 1: MAY - AUGUST - Once you accept York’s offer of admission, create your York Passport account and York email (so as not to miss critical information sent to students’ York email account).

Step 2: JUNE - AUGUST - Get your School of Nursing ID

Step 3: JUNE - SEPTEMBER - Complete and submit your GeoPreferences e-form to the NPCO by the August 30th deadline.

Step 4: JUNE - OCTOBER - Complete your Clinical Preparedness Permit (CPP).

Note: be aware that all police services charge a fee for processing a Police Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) reference check and it may take up to 12 weeks for them to process your application.

Step 5: OCTOBER - Log on to HSPnet after September 30th to view your placement details (based on your submitted GeoPreferences form).

Step 6: OCTOBER - Get your completed CPP ‘stamped’ by the October 15th deadline at the NPCO office (HNES 306).

Feel free to call the NPCO at 416.736.2100 (extension 33174) or email npco@yorku.ca with any questions.

We look forward to helping you have a great year at York!