Clinical Preparedness Permit Instructions for Year 3

All students transferring from year 2 at a College site into year 3 at York must ensure that their Clinical Preparedness Permit (CPP) is up-to-date and ‘stamped’ by Synergy Employment Services before the August 30th  deadline.  Please note that students who do not have their CPP stamped by the deadline may be prevented from proceeding to their clinical placement.

As such, it is vital that in addition to having all immunizations, vaccines and your TB SkinTest up-to-date, you also need to re certify your CPR/HCP certificate, obtain a new Police Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) Reference check and have a new Mask Fit test completed. Below are the steps you need to take in order to get your CPP completed and stamped by August 30th.

STEP 1: Create your York University Passport account and York email (if you haven’t already done so). IMPORTANT:  To ensure that you don’t miss important communications from the NPCO, create your York email account as soon as possible.

STEP 2: Apply for your Police Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) reference check.  If you need a VSS reference check from the Toronto Police Service, the form must be obtained from and signed by NPCO staff. Be aware that all police services charge a fee for processing a VSS reference check and it may take up to 12 weeks for them to process your application.  For police regions that require a letter confirming your student status, please contact the NPCO.

STEP 3: Have a TB Skin Test done. If positive, you will require a chest x-ray.

STEP 4: Obtain copies of your vaccines and immunization laboratory results. Follow the instructions in the CPP if you require any doctor’s notes.

STEP 5: Schedule a Mask Fit test with Synergy at

STEP 6: Complete the CPR for Health Care Providers certification. You can register for your certification at


STEP 7: Schedule a CCP Stamping appointment with Synergy and attend your CPP Stamping Appointment with ALL required documents in order to get your CPP stamped.

STEP 8: Provide the NPCO with documentation in the late fall after having completed your annual flu shot.  Note:  Detailed instructions will be emailed to you in mid-October.